The scale of the challenges we face are immense. We must find new ways to clearly identify, prioritise, coordinate and solve our developmental problems. Business and Investment practitioners should embrace Social Impact considerations as a norm, understanding that Impact can indeed be profitable.

IIGh through its National Advisory Board and its working groups, partners and funders will focus on the following key areas outlined below. These will form the basis of our recommendations to strengthen and scale Ghana’s impact investment sector, for a more sustainable, prosperous economy.

As IIGH continues to grow measurable, scalable investment efforts and transform the way Ghana does Development, we will be embracing opportunities with mission-aligned strategic partners to bridge the development funding gaps, convene, advocate, facilitate and educate on Impact ecosystem building.



With the largest annual procurement budgets, both central and local government can better respond to Development needs and growing budgetary pressure by embracing purpose-driven and outcomes-based approaches to public procurement and adopting “impact friendly” tax/regulatory regimes for impact investors and social enterprises.


Data-Driven Impact programs that support Ghana’s Development – IIGH will commission Research and Mapping exercises to clearly identify gaps in our development programming and direct both human and capital to solving them for profit and impact.


A growing body of evidence shows that investors can actually increase their long term returns through incorporating impact into their business and investment decisions. IIGh will engage and facilitate new ways of doing business and investing with a cross-section of stakeholders from asset managers, regulators, intermediaries to social enterprises.


Convene Ghana’s thought leaders from Policy, Development, Business and Finance to work together to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in practical terms. We will facilitate practical workshops, conferences and events to ensure our work progresses steadily.