Training and capacity building Impact Investing March 10, 2022

Training and capacity building

Across the ecosystem key players have asked for locally developed and relevant training programs to help them understand and begin to explore alternative investments and impact. IIGh partners with various financial services industry associations and regulators to develop and deliver structured periodic training programs to fill in the knowledge gaps identified. Current training includes

  1. VC/PE Fund Manager Training: Training for Venture Capital and Private Equity (VC/PE) firms have been held in partnership with British International Investments (BII) and Savanna Impact Advisory the fund manager for the CI-Gaba Fund of Funds. Training has covered topics such as building strong corporate governance systems in portfolio companies to drive competitive advantage. Other trainings have been held on impact management for private funds.
  2. Transaction Advisors Training: Training of transaction advisors to provide a pool of affordable, skilled professionals to help businesses close investment deals from investors is also run in partnership with BII. Training has been provided on financial management, modelling and valuation, legal due diligence and impact and environmental, social and governance issues.

Impact Management Training: Impact Investing Ghana’s Impact Management Training uses the SDG Impact Standards a globally acclaimed tool for supporting businesses of all sizes, private funds and bond issuers to integrate sustainability into their operations.