Regulatory Advocacy Impact Investing March 10, 2022

Regulatory Advocacy

IIGh is supporting ongoing advocacy in partnership with relevant industry associations including; supporting the draft startup bill, social enterprise policy, limited partnership structure, and more attractive environment for Ghanaian domiciled funds. We partner with relevant sector associations who are leading this advocacy to support efforts.;

The Ghana Startup & Innovation Bill: The Ghanaian Innovation and Startup Bill project is a joint initiative by Ghana’s private sector and the Government to enhance the startup ecosystem through co-created regulations. The Bill will establish various principles and support legislation required to promote entrepreneurial development in Ghana. The bill will create an enabling environment for startups’ growth, attraction, and investment protection.

The Social Enterprise Policy: The Ghana Social Enterprise Policy is a policy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry with input from Social Enterprise Ghana the network for social enterprises in Ghana and one of the founding members of Impact Investing Ghana.

A Limited Partnership Legal Form: One of the key constraints holding back the growth of venture capital and private equity in Ghana is the lack of a limited partnership act. Impact Investing Ghana is supporting efforts by the Ghana Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (GVCA), the Venture Capital Trust Fund and other stakeholders to draft and enact a limited partnership act.