Africa Impact Investing Group Launches to Drive Capital for Prosperity, Inclusion, and Measurable Impact across Africa Impact Investing Ghana July 13, 2023

Africa Impact Investing Group Launches to Drive Capital for Prosperity, Inclusion, and Measurable Impact across Africa

[Cape Town, South Africa]- The Africa Impact Investing Group (AIIG) has announced its official launch on Thursday, July 13, at the Africa Impact Summit held in Cape Town, South Africa, marking a significant milestone in mobilizing capital for transformative change and sustainable development across the African continent. AIIG is an active and vibrant community of stakeholders, including policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and civil society, dedicated to driving capital to areas where it can generate the greatest impact while delivering financial returns.

As part of the broader effort to cultivate a robust impact investing ecosystem across Africa, AIIG brings together African National Advisory Boards (NABs) for Impact Investing and Taskforces. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, AIIG aims to create a stronger foundation for impact investing initiatives throughout the region. AIIG’s objectives encompass not only the mobilization of capital but also the promotion of sustainable business models, the advancement of social and environmental causes, and the fostering of partnerships that empower local communities. Through collaborative efforts, AIIG seeks to channel investments towards key sectors such as healthcare, education, renewable energy, agriculture, and technology, creating a lasting positive influence on the lives of Africans.

Esteemed NAB leaders from Ghana, Nigeria,  South Africa and Zambia along with Taskforce leaders from Kenya, Senegal, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Mauritius and Cote D’Ivoire will support the creation of enabling policies and regulatory frameworks that enable impact investing to thrive in Africa, by engaging with governments, multilateral institutions, and other stakeholders.

African NAB leaders at the launch of the Africa Impact Investing Group in Cape Town, South Africa on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

The CEO of Impact Investors Foundation and Nigerian National Advisory Board of Impact Investing, Etemore Glover, in an action-taking joint statement called on  stakeholders across the continent to join and support the Africa Impact Investing Group to build a prosperous future for Africa’s people, by leveraging the transformative power of private capital for public good. She said, “Join us in mobilizing various sources of capital from institutional investors, foundations, family offices, and high net worth individuals for impact-focused enterprises across Africa and to build a sustainable world for all.”

 “Africa offers investors credible investment opportunities,” says Elias Masilela, Chairman of DNA Economics and Board Chair of Impact Investing South Africa. “As home to the world’s youngest population and with the new free trade agreement AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area) creating the largest free trade area in the world, the continent has the potential to experience tremendous economic growth this century. But to capitalize on these opportunities we need to equip investors with a better understanding of pipeline opportunities and tap into innovative financing mechanisms and work together to de-risk and grow the market.”

“Our institutional investors also have a role to play, especially life insurers and pension funds” adds Monica Rossi, Secretariat Lead for Impact Investing South Africa, the South African National Advisory Board on impact investing. “As asset owners, they can promote an impact investing approach to investment allocations, have the scale to partner with the public sector in funding sustainable development , have the voice to inform enabling regulatory policy, and are already making substantial capital allocations to private market assets where these might present a greater opportunity for shaping impact-outcome objectives over the longer term.”

The Zambian National Advisory Board for Impact Investment (Zambian NAB) has established that AIIG provides a perfect opportunity for African NABs and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) to collaborate and explore innovative financing models for African SDG-focused funds and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). According to Peter Chintu, Program Manager with the Zambian NAB, through the ongoing work with the Zambian Central Bank on the Credit Risk Guarantee Scheme (CRGS) project, aimed at enhancing SME access to finance in Zambia, will establish the potential of impact capital to drive transformative change and AIIG’s platform will share learnings and findings, foster knowledge exchange, and replicate innovative financial instruments across Africa.”

“AIIG represents a transformative opportunity for Africa,” said Amma Lartey, CEO of Impact Investing Ghana. “By leveraging the power of impact investing, we can unlock the potential for inclusive growth, improve livelihoods, and address pressing challenges. Through our collective efforts, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities across the continent”, she added.

AIIG is a regional collaboration under the auspices of the  Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), an internationally recognized organization championing the power of impact investing worldwide. The establishment of AIIG represents a momentous step forward in consolidating Africa’s role in the global impact investing landscape.

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About Africa Impact Investing Group

The Africa Impact Investing Group is an active and vibrant community of actors working on the ground with policy makers, investors, entrepreneurs, and civil society to drive capital to where it can have the most impact, while delivering financing returns. This approach is part of an approach known as impact investing.

It brings together African National Advisory Boards (NABs) for Impact Investing and task forces to build a stronger ecosystem for Impact Investing across the continent. The Africa Impact Investing Group is a regional collaboration of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG).

AIIG sets forth on its mission to welcome collaboration from diverse stakeholders and invites organizations and individuals committed to sustainable development and impact-driven initiatives to join its vibrant community.