Ghana Angel Investors Network (GAIN) Impact Investing Ghana October 30, 2023

Ghana Angel Investors Network (GAIN)

GAIN was launched in 2011 by the Venture Capital Trust Fund. In 2021, Impact Investing Ghana, the Ghana National Advisory Board for Impact Investing took over the hosting of the GAIN secretariat. GAIN was restructured into the apex body for angel networks in Ghana to support the creation and growth of angel investing to increase early-stage financing in the country.

In addition, GAIN brings together a small group of leading angel investors in Ghana who invest in small and growing businesses to serve as a testing ground for the content it develops for networks.

GAIN is developing resources to help potential and current angel investors in Ghana set up angel networks.

GAIN also provides its individual angel members with information on screened companies that are fundraising. Angels can meet with the companies they find interesting and invest in them either individually or in collaboration with other angels. 

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