Impact Investing Ghana joins 2X Global to advance gender equality in the region Impact Investing Ghana August 8, 2023

Impact Investing Ghana joins 2X Global to advance gender equality in the region

 Impact Investing Ghana (IIGh), the National Advisory Board for Impact Investing in Ghana, is pleased to announce its membership within 2X Global, a global membership and field-building organization focused on unlocking gender-smart capital at scale to deepen the impact of capital flowing into crucial thematic investment areas, particularly those related to gender equality.

As an independent private-sector-led initiative, Impact Investing Ghana is committed to promoting the growth of the ecosystem in Ghana and will leverage the expertise and access to 2X Global’s membership network. 

Amma Lartey, CEO, Impact Investing Ghana expressed her excitement about the collaboration and said “membership of 2X Global will help IIGh mobilize capital and facilitate knowledge and solutions exchange to grow gender-lens investing in Ghana. We also bring an emerging market perspective to the development of industry standards and other work being done by 2X Global. This membership will also support initiatives like the establishment of the Ci – GABA Fund-of-Funds which is designed to unlock pension funding for emerging fund managers in Ghana and incorporates a gender-lens.”

2X Global  brings together investors, capital providers, and intermediaries from around the world, with a focus on both developed and emerging economies. Through its diverse range of activities, including Communities of Practice, educational forums, shared resources, and deal-sharing platforms, 2X Global is instrumental in advancing intersectional investment agendas and facilitating capital deployment aligned with gender lens investing principles.

Jessica Espinoza, CEO of 2X Global warmly welcomed IIGh to their community of members, saying “We’re so pleased that Impact Investing Ghana has become a member of 2X Global! Their mission to promote sustainable development by scaling up impact investing as well as their integration of a gender lens is well aligned with our collective work to unlock more equitable capital solutions. Together, we can be an even stronger force in transforming the investment ecosystem and creating more and better economic opportunities for women.”

Impact Investing Ghana will continue to create a meaningful, equitable and inclusive impact investment ecosystem in Ghana and beyond.


About Impact Investing Ghana

Impact Investing Ghana (IIGh) is the Ghana National Advisory Board for Impact Investing. We are an independent private-sector-led initiative promoting sustainable development and advancing the development of the impact investment ecosystem in Ghana. IIGh is Ghana’s representative to the Global Steering Group (GSG) for Impact Investing, the successor to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established by the G8. IIGh aims at tackling Ghana’s pressing social and environmental challenges by driving more capital to deliver real impact. We are a local platform representing all the stakeholder groups needed to redirect significant capital flows toward social and environmental impact, bringing together leaders from the worlds of finance, business, government, social organizations, and philanthropy. Private-sector-led, yet in close partnership with the national government, we raise awareness, create market intelligence, change policies, and mobilize additional financial resources for the public good. IIGh has an ambitious plan to support the growth of impact ventures and to catalyze $ 1 billion in impact funds for investment in impact ventures in Ghana and the West African sub-region. Find more here

About 2X Global

2X Global is a global membership and field-building organization for investors, capital providers, and intermediaries working in public and private markets, across both developed and emerging economies. Through a broad and diverse set of activities 2X Global activates and engages its global community to advance intersectional investment agendas, scale the field, shift mindsets, and facilitate capital deployment.  

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