Equity investment and equity investors – a guide Impact Investing March 8, 2022

Equity investment and equity investors – a guide

This guide is an output from Investment Promotion in Agribusiness.

Investment Promotion in Agribusiness is part of the European Union funded Technical  Assistance to Support the Implementation of Investment Promotion and Business  Linkages in Ghana Project (the Project). The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) is  the implementation Partner for the Project.

The aim of Investment Promotion in Agribusiness is to increase the use of equity and  quasi equity instruments as a source of relatively low-cost, long-term funding to  businesses operating in the Ghanaian agribusiness value chain.

                            To achieve this, Investment Promotion in Agribusiness has two objectives:

• Promote equity-based investment in Ghanaian agri-business value chains.

• Increase investment funds present in Ghana, notably impact investment funds.

The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to the Ghana Employment and  Social Protection (GESP) programme by supporting employment and social protection  and supporting the private sector development agenda of the Government of Ghana.

What this guide is for 

This guide gives details about equity investment and equity investors as sources of medium- to long-term finance for businesses. It provides:

• An introduction to equity.

• Details of equity investors, including international development finance  institutions (DFIs).

The list of equity investors is not intended to be exhaustive. Its purpose is to illustrate  the variety of providers that could be considered by Ghanaian agri-businesses as  potential sources of investment.

Download the Ghana Agrobusiness Private equity guide here