Procurement of Consultant for Deal Source Africa Impact Investing Ghana June 18, 2024

Procurement of Consultant for Deal Source Africa

The Deal Source Africa platform is a digital platform that was developed by Impact Investing Ghana to connect high-growth innovative businesses from Africa to investors and transaction advisors and also to connect investors with limited partners. The program includes;


The consultant will be responsible for the maintenance of the Deal Source Africa platform and the development of additional features that will make the platform more efficient. 

Additional Features and Maintenance of the Platform

  • Translation of the platform into the French language to enable users to switch between English and French depending on the users’ preference.
  • Embed the registration and running of Deal Rooms on the Deal Source Africa Platform
  • Enable administrators on the platform to download the data in Excel or CSV formats
  • Update the Transactions page
  • Periodic updates on the Deal Source Africa website
  • Maintenance and updates of the platform to ensure optimum performance

Vendor Selection and Criteria 

  • Experience with developing websites and applications similar to platforms such as the Deal Source Africa platform
  • Experience with WordPress, PHP, MySQL, and Vue JS.  
  • Experience with creating sites that build communities and have interactive features.  
  • Solid information architecture skills for organizing content in ways that are intuitive to the site visitor. 
  • Competitive price 

Submission Requirements 

Please provide a proposal that includes the following components:

  1. Fee estimate based on the Scope of Work set out above 
  2. Work Plan – a work plan showing how the deliverables will be delivered within the timeframe required
  3. Past works – Two or more relevant past works for review.  
  4. Names and profiles of key team members

Contact Information 

Please direct all responses to this RFQ and/or any questions to:  and copy,  justina.mensah@impactinvestinggh.orgwith the subject: RFQ Deal Source Africa Platform, Request for Quotation 


Click this document for more details. 2024.02.12 RFQ – Procurement of Consultant for Deal Source Africa.docx