Call For Consultants Impact Investing Ghana April 30, 2024

Call For Consultants

Impact Investing Ghana (hereinafter referred to as IIGh) is pleased to invite prospective bidders to submit a quotation for the consultancy service to match research outputs for industry uptake and practical application, as detailed in Annex 1of this RfQ.

Quotations may be submitted on or before May 9, 2024 by midnight via email to this address with in copy.

Scope of work
The consultancy service will encompass the following activities:
1. Conduct a desk review to evaluate industry research needs and emerging trends;
2. Develop clear and actionable matchmaking guidelines detailing best practices, strategies, and methodologies for successfully pairing research outputs with industry requirements, thereby maximising uptake and uptake;
3. Collaborate with the GRIC Secretariat to identify and select 50 high-quality research outputs;
4. Match research outputs to industry needs (e.g., connecting tiger nut milk producers with research work that shows them how to create a more shelf-stable product). At the end of this process, at least 5 research outputs should be taken up by one or more organisations/businesses. This should be demonstrated through an expression of interest or other action to use the research findings in some way;
5. Engage in industry brief sessions, where researchers share their research
findings with the industry in simple and easy-to-understand ways, integrate feedback into the matchmaking process and guidelines; and
6. Participate in a learning call to share insights regarding the matchmaking process and guidelines

Download more details HERE.

The organisation is also inviting individual consultants or teams of experts to apply to participate in the development of research summaries in an industry-friendly format, as detailed in Annex 1.

As part of this programme:
– You will participate in the development of 60 research summaries into industry-friendly format over a three-month period (May – July 2024);
– You will receive results based allowance less withholding tax;
– Terms of engagement are further detailed in Annex 1.
Interested consultants or team of experts should fill out this form:

Download more details HERE.

Deadline to submit applications is 9th May, 2024.