RFP for Consultant – Event Management Services for 2024 GDIW Impact Investing Ghana June 26, 2024

RFP for Consultant – Event Management Services for 2024 GDIW

About Ghana Digital Innovation Week 

The Ghana Digital Innovation Week (GDIW) was inaugurated in 2021 under the auspices of His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice-President of Ghana, and other key ecosystem actors and enablers. This was part of a trilateral program to celebrate the accomplishments of Ghana’s digital innovation ecosystem and build momentum towards a common vision for its future development. 

The conference builds on the trilateral cooperation between Ghana, Germany, and Israel on Innovation for Development. The goal of this trilateral cooperation which commenced in 2019 is to promote governmental awareness of digital innovation to support the development of a digital innovation ecosystem in Ghana. 

The Ghana Digital Innovation Week is a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of Ghana’s digital innovation ecosystem and build momentum towards a common vision for its future development. The aim is to mobilize diverse digital innovation ecosystem stakeholders towards more collaborative and inclusive ecosystem development. The Ghana Digital Innovation Week aims to bring together leaders in government, private sector and industry practitioners, national business leaders, academics and research scholars, ecosystem enablers and intermediaries, innovators, and international development partners for open discussions that optimize existing interactions between different stakeholders as well as enable stakeholders to discover and take up new roles in the digital innovation ecosystem of Ghana. 

Key ecosystem actors and enablers are invited to organize and host diverse, multi-stakeholder-driven events and activities that target different audiences and ecosystem segments throughout the span of a week. 

1.1. Specific Objectives 

Across the country, the government and its agencies are implementing digital innovation projects to stimulate economic development and job creation. The Ghana Digital Innovation Week will ignite and inspire digital innovation across the country and mobilize diverse ecosystem stakeholders towards more collaborative and inclusive ecosystem development. This will be achieved through the following objectives: 

  1. Identify a common national vision that drives Ghana’s digital innovation agenda, 3

generates wide interest, and prompts concrete action 

  1. Celebrate and showcase the initiatives and accomplishments of Ghana’s digital innovation ecosystem players 
  2. Mobilize diverse digital innovation ecosystem stakeholders toward more collaborative and inclusive ecosystem development 
  3. Stimulate a mindset shift among Ghana’s citizens and encourage them to become the main drivers of innovation. 

1.2. Approach and Expected Outcomes 

In the spirit of leaving no one behind, the Ghana Digital Innovation Week will adopt a hybrid of physical and remote activities seamlessly coordinated for nationwide reach and access. Various ecosystem enablers and stakeholders take responsibility for curating programs targeting different audiences over a three-day period. Through roadshows, innovation challenges, ambassadors across all sectors (including fashion, and music), exhibitions, panel discussions, breakout sessions, creative explorations, networking and cross-pollination of ideas with intense offline and online publicity, a vibrant momentum will be built for inclusivity and signal traction to ignite action and investment towards Ghana’s innovation ecosystem. 

Furthermore, to sustain efforts and ensure continuity of momentum built, the Ghana Digital Innovation Week and Ghana Digital Innovation Summit will be regularly followed by annual convenings. These annual convenings will also serve as check-ins to measure progress towards the defined targets. 

Between the short and long term, this movement in support of Ghana’s digital innovation ecosystem is expected to achieve the following: 

  1. Better collaboration and synergies among ministries and government agencies, private sector enablers and the digital innovation ecosystem at large; 
  2. Formulation of key milestones and actions on Ghana’s digital innovation ecosystem areas of priority to guide and gauge progress; 
  3. An innovation model for Ghana to experiment and scale solutions; 
  4. Competitive positioning of Ghana as a preferred destination to attract investment; e. A pool of skilled and innovative human capital. 


Terms of Reference (Annex 1)

Scope of Work 

The Consortium Partners seeks to hire an experienced and resourceful events management firm to successfully plan, execute, and manage, in close alignment with it’s partners and the event’s planning committee, the above-described activities of the Ghana Digital Innovation Week 2024. 

The Consultant shall: 

  1. Support the co-creation, preparation and overall design of the event, ensuring an alignment between the scope, proposed program/agenda, modalities, facilities and logistical arrangements. 
  2. Ensure smooth coordination with the Consortium partners and the event’s planning committee, including participation in coordination meetings 
  3. Prepare a comprehensive Communications plan or schedule for the event, clearly indicating pre, during and post-event activities. 
  4. Be the overall event and project manager for the week 
  5. Be responsible for the preparation, implementation and overall management of all logistical issues and arrangements related to hosting a successful and professional high-profile event. 
  6. Coordination and planning of all breakout sessions 
  7. Offer required moderation and facilitation 
  8. Documentation of the results obtained during the moderated elements of the event 9. Preparation of the overall documentation of the event (with a communications agency if required), showcasing the results and drawing up recommendations for future cooperation. 
  9. Collaborate with an innovation specialist who will be recommended by Consortium partners to advise on technical and strategic perspectives for an effective and inclusive conference that feeds into a national agenda 
  10. Contract suitable service providers, as needed, and liaise with these service providers regarding locations/space, banqueting, IT equipment/infrastructure, media and communications, and other related arrangements. 
  11. Ensure the availability of an efficient secretariat and clerical/administrative support team that will oversee the invitation and registration process and coordinate transportation and other logistical arrangements for participants. 
  12. Make available suitable online conferencing platforms/facilities to host virtual participants of the events. Innovation hubs across the country can serve as connecting centers across the country. 



  1. Event design and preparation 
    1. Conduct a scoping workshop with Consortium partners and the planning committee to define the scope and agenda of each event; 
    2. Develop a creative week-long set of events (hybrid – in-person and online) towards the achievement of set goals and objectives; the Concept shall include a launch event plus the week-long event happening later. 
    3. Work with various identified innovation ecosystem actors to validate or align the concept of each event; 
    4. Propose needed event concept amendments to the planning committee in a timely manner, based on a timeline to be provided, and incorporate suggestions and feedback towards a final concept. 
  2. Participants’ management for each event 
    1. Organize the invitation processes, including drafting and dispatch of the invitation and registration form, tracking of responses, and follow-up of confirmations; b. Send out invitations to ALL participants, including meeting chair(s), speakers, facilitators, 
    2. Follow up on invitations – via telephone, email, etc. 
    3. Ensuring regular updates of the participants’ list and regular submission to the consortium partners; 
    4. If necessary, organize protocol arrangements for VIPs, including arrival and departure at the event venue 
    5. Handle participant’s queries in a professional, timely and diplomatic manner; g. Arrange and manage participants’ registration at events; 
    6. Prepare and maintain participants register (with relevant contact details); i. Manage a one-stop general information support service for participants.
  3. Events venue arrangements 
    1. Secure a venue for all activities in Accra. Venue shall be in the central business unit of Accra and be accessible to all ecosystem actors 
    2. Creatively design venue to host various event. The venue should be crafted to have at least one large auditorium (able to hold at least 500 people), at least 4 breakout rooms (hold at least 50 people each), an exhibition area (to hold at least 50 exhibitors) 
    3. Ensure the appropriate configuration of meeting rooms in conjunction with the facilitators;
    4. Making sure that dietary requirements from participants are taken into account; e. Ensure all required audio-visual equipment is available/acquired in all the rooms as required; plus, internet connectivity for each room at the venue.
    5. Video coverage for each room at the venue.
    6. Build a conference quality stage for the main auditorium
    7. Fit the main exhibition area with a visible LED screen for adverts
    8. Supervise the staff of the venue to ensure compliance with all their assigned duties including opening and closing procedures and ensuring staff members arrive in a timely manner.
    9. Provide adequate and effective security at the venue including the regional events
  4. Online event hosting
    1. Decide and Procure with the advice of Consortium partners, a stable online conferencing software with the following functionality: 
      1. Able to hold over 500 participants online for free with no need to download or install additional software via computer or mobile device;
      2. The platform allows participants to chat with each other, see PowerPoint presentations and videos, play videos within the platform, mute the audience and run polls
      3. The platform can be integrated with social media;
    1. The platform will display presenter’s name during the presentation and hashtag on screens during Q&A and discussions; 
    2. Record the virtual conference and provide a file of the recording for posting online; 
    3. Provide a chat transcript to Consortium partners and to the poster authors. d. Conduct a pre-test session with Consortium partners to assess whether the platform meets the conference’s needs; 
    4. Record presenters remotely prior to the event and be prepared to play the recording if the presenter is unable to present live on the day of the conference; f. Share all final recordings digitally with final report; 
    5. Record the virtual conference using audio-visual equipment provided, and supplementing what is not available (for example, display screen, wireless microphones, lighting, sound, video converters, and expendables such as additional cables, gaffing tape, batteries, etc.); 
    6. Obtain speaker consent for further dissemination of their sessions and contributions. 

5. Media, visibility, communication and outreach

    1. Develop and implement a media, visibility, and communication plan to effectively promote and reach out to all stakeholders of the event.
    2. Update the event website to populate all events and relevant information on activities. 
    3. Develop a dashboard to help with data accessibility and management for the client 
    4. Create a public relations strategy, communications plan and awareness-raising campaign around the entire week-long program; 
    5. Prepare and manage the communication around the official, high-level launching of the event, as an integral part of the conference communications and public relations campaign—the exact date will be communicated to the contractor by the planning committee upon the signing of the contract; 
    6. Ensure the use of the brands’ logos and colour schemes on various platforms and create specific and ready-to-use communication and public relations products for conference services and information products and maintain a public relations campaign throughout the period according to the implementation plan; 
    7. The communication guidelines of the clients, organisers and involved partners are adhered to 
    8. Prepare creative and final material for various media, including press releases, visuals for physical events (e.g. brochures, stickers, backdrops, banners, rolls-ups), original copy (texts necessary for various products), graphic designs, images, audio, video, scenarios for interviews, hashtags, etc. in any format applicable; 
    9. Prepare and implement a strategic Social Media campaign before, during and after the event. Prepare templates for visuals as well as postings and spread the campaign through relevant channels. If necessary, plan, coordinate and implement a Social Media Ad campaign. 
    10. Prepare short videos clippings and gifs to promote the event i.e. via Social Media 
    11. Prepare templates for communication channels of partners; so, they can also spread the word through their channels 
    12. Ensure that the use of all third-party copyrighted materials is properly authorized, by providing proof of purchase, proof of authorization, etc. in its regular reporting;
    13. The work results are delivered in the appropriate formats (.docx, .pdf, .pptx, .ai, .indd, .psd, etc.) 
    14. Purchase or rent, as applicable, and organize, coordinate, and supervise use of media space of any type, air time for TV and radio, web posting, etc. as well as obtain any approvals and authorizations that may be needed for communications and public relations products deployed for the campaign;
    15. In addition to other video content to be created, develop a short video to advertise the event beforehand and another video after all events are delivered. Coordinate all communications with media presence throughout the week. All pictures/videos must align with Consortium partner’s rules and have copyright Consortium partners.
    16. Develop content for each day of the event for purposes of publicity. 

6. Facilitation 

  1. Ensure all sub-events and activities hosted by various ecosystem players include a solid facilitation plan and count with the support required;
  2. Recruit an A-list Master of Ceremony (MC) for all major events, as required; c. Identify and contract a moderator and assistant MC to facilitate sessions per day.

7. Coordination and reporting 

    1. Provide documentation and final report of all activities during the week including the regional events 
    2. Technical report of the Week including major outcomes of various events. 


Contract length/Time Demand: July 2024 to February 2025 



Please provide a proposal that includes the following components: 

  1. Technical proposal 
  • A brief summary/profile of the consulting firm or consultant 
  • Relevant past experience 
  • Proposed technical approach and work plan 
  1. Breakdown Quotation: 

The quotation should include but not limited to: 

  • A breakdown of the itemised services (ie. PR & marketing, branding, media, etc.)
  • Service charge 
  • All other related costs 


To Apply: 

All responses to this Request for Quotation are due by 8th July, 2024, at midnight GMT. Please email your response via info@impactinvestinggh.org and label the email – RFP – Consultant for Event Management Services for GDIW 2024.


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