Request for Quotation (RFQ) – Impact Investing Ecosystem Map Web Development Impact Investing Ghana May 18, 2022

Request for Quotation (RFQ) – Impact Investing Ecosystem Map Web Development

Project Overview

Impact Investing Ghana (IIGh) and Ashesi University are pleased to invite prospective bidders to submit a quotation for the provision of Website Development services, as detailed below. The web development project’s principal aim is to create an impact investing ecosystem map to allow stakeholders in the impact investing and catalytic capital ecosystem to gain insights into the impact investing ecosystem and how capital especially catalytic capital has been deployed. This will allow for the establishment of an evidence base of information, drive knowledge about the growth of the ecosystem and provide the needed data to influence action. 

Expected Outputs

To achieve this principal aim, the research team intends to engage a web development team to design, develop and implement a live impact investing and catalytic capital ecosystem map, which will:

  1. allow tracking of impact investing and catalytic capital initiatives by ecosystem actors i.e., fund suppliers, accelerators, government agencies, impact ventures etc. to guide understanding and action. 
  2. ease access to datasets, and insights on the ecosystem to help drive decision-making and collaborative efforts among entrepreneurs, regulators and investors.

Duration: 2 months

Maximum Available Budget: $ 3000

Mode of work: Remote 

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Develop a project plan from start to finish, noting key project milestones
  2. Work in tandem with the project team to create a design and  detailed technical requirements for the platform.
  3. Build and test the platform among relevant stakeholders and make any needed modifications
  4. Provide periodic updates to the project team via standing meetings and other agreed on communication channels
  5. Draft a user manual and/or an FAQ document for various platform users.
  6. Provide support on the platform, mainly as the team gets established. 

Platform Requirements:

  1. Develop an ecosystem map that allows for:
  • trend visualization of actors (e.g., development finance institutions, private equity and venture capitalist, enterprise support organizations and government agencies) and their activities using maps, graphs, and charts to discover hidden insights in the data. Core variables of interest include investment products, sectoral focus, impact goals and assets under management.
  • mapping of gaps in the ecosystem using visualizations.
  • Additional visualizations to be included as needed 
  1. Include a search engine that allows for search and filtering by various categories, including geography, thematic focus,
  2. Ability to download data for some of the variables
  3. Fully responsive with both mobile and desktop versions
  4. Allow for administrator accounts to periodically update various features of the map and to develop additional visualisations.
  5. Allow for the map viewers to provide contact information to receive updates when the map is updated.
  6. The platform should be simple and easy to use and should work well in areas with slow internet
  7. Strong security features especially those that prevent confidential data from being accessed by unauthorised people.
  8. A flexible platform that can be easily updated with additional features as the project grows

Minimum Team Requirements

  1. Experience designing similar platforms using up-to-date programming languages and integrations. 
  2. Systems-thinking with the ability to understand the project in the context of the ecosystem in Ghana and make recommendations to achieve its objectives.
  3. Skilled in data visualization and creative presentation techniques. 
  4. Solid understanding of database design and options.
  5. Proficiency with fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and with backend programming.
  6. Experience designing and building APIs.
  7. Practical understanding and working knowledge of the applications of statistical concepts to real-world analytical problems. 

Additional Valued Qualifications:

  1. Experience working with development organizations to ideate and execute web-based projects.
  2. Interest or experience working on platforms relating to impact investing ecosystems and SME financing.

Vendor Selection Criteria

  1. Experience with similar assignments 
  2. The capacity of the team 
  3. Technical approach
  4. A realistic work plan that shows the ability to deliver within the required timeframe
  5. Competitive price

Submission Requirements

Software developers or firm are required to submit a full proposal that includes the following below via email to with in copy with the subject line ‘Impact Investing Ecosystem Map’ on or before May 26th 2022. 

  • Workplan showing how the deliverables will be completed within the timeframe required.
  • A brief section highlighting the approach to delivering the website
  • Quotation – the bill for each phase of the project should be clearly stated
  • Past works – software developers are to submit relevant past works for review. 
  • Names and profiles of key team members

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