Recruitment of Ambassadors Impact Investing Ghana January 12, 2024

Recruitment of Ambassadors

For Enterprise Support Organizations (ESOs) and ESO Experts to work with Registered Businesses in Ghana to support sign up onto the platform.

Impact Investing Ghana (hereinafter referred to as IIGh) is pleased to invite Enterprise Support Organisations (ESO) and ESO Experts to apply to participate in our Ambassador programme building on your experience and expertise in recruiting businesses into ESO programs, to sign up for the platform from Thursday, December 21st
2023 to Thursday, December 28th 2023.
As part of this program you:
– You will sign up a minimum of 20 registered businesses on the platform to access ESO opportunities.
– You will receive a results-based Ambassador allowance to support you on this mission.
– Ambassadors will be qualified for the above allowance provided they sign up a minimum of 20 businesses by the end of day Thursday, 28th December 2023.
– Programme terms are further detailed in Annex 1 below.

Interested Ambassadors should fill out this form:


Terms of Reference (Annex 1)

IIGH’s ESO Collaborative is recruiting Ambassadors to lead the signup of registered Ghanaian businesses onto the platform. The platform is an ecosystem platform connecting businesses to enterprise support and supporting businesses
growth into investor-ready SMEs to serve as a pipeline to investors through programmes such as the Deal Source Africa programme. 10 Ambassadors will be recruited across Ghana to lead in recruiting RGD-registered businesses, SMEs and startups that will utilize enterprise support services are signed up onto the platform before 28th December 2024. As an Ambassador, you will be part of the journey to ensure quality enterprise support programmes reach businesses that need them, irrespective of their region or location in Ghana.

Read the requirements to sign up as an Ambassador:
Target Audience:
To be an ambassador,
– Should be an ESO operating in Ghana and have businesses that you support that have annual turnovers of 15,000 GHS to 2 million GHS.
– An Individual Ecosystem expert who works with at least 30 businesses that make a minimum annual turnover of 50k GHS.
– An association, community or network of businesses that operate in Ghana with members that make a minimum annual turnover of 20k GHS and above

Task of Ambassadors
– Ambassadors are required to work with businesses in their networks to fully sign up onto the platform from 20th December to 28th December 2023.
– Signup here.

– Sign up at least 50 businesses onto the platform and provide evidence of each business that signs up onto the platform before payment will be made.
– Promote the platform in your communities, social media platforms, and events, and show proof of that.
– Ambassadors are qualified for payment when they sign up a minimum of 20 businesses with their profiles and registration data completed in full.

Agree to this Terms of Engagement:
1. Maximum allowance for each Ambassador will be capped at 2,000 GHS for all registered business sign-ups made.
2. An allowance will only be considered for payment once an Ambassador can sign up for a minimum of 20 RGD registered businesses.
3. Ambassadors will provide proof to support the annual revenue turnover of the businesses that they sign up onto the platform.
4. Payment will be made upon completion of validation of complete signup onto the platform [i.e each business creates an account with their email and then signups to enter their business details with RGD registration documents]
5. This programme is time-bound and thus, all Ambassadors will be considered for payment [paid] on a first to deliver, first paid basis using the onboarding deadline of 28th December, 2023.
6. For every active registered business that signs up and meets the minimum turnover, payment will be as follows:
– Above 50k GHS plus per annum, the Ambassador will receive 50 GHS per signup.
– 30k – 50k GHS plus per annum, the Ambassador will receive 45 GHS per signup.
– 20k – 29k GHS plus per annum, the Ambassador will receive 40 GHS per signup.

– 10k to 19k GHS plus per annum, the Ambassador will receive 35 GHS per signup
– Less than 10k GHS plus per annum, the Ambassador will receive 25 GHS per signup

Steps to sign up using on the platform
● Step 1: Visit the website and click on the signup button at the top left corner.
● Step 2: Enter your email address, personal details and company name.
● Step 3: Verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your email after completing Step 2.
● Step 4: Revisit the platform and click on sign in at the top left corner of the website.
● Step 5: Upon signing in, enter your company name in the “search for organization” search bar.
● Step 6: Based on the results, click on “Create Organization” to create your organization.
● Step 7: Enter your organization’s details, upload your:
○ Logo or business office and
○ RGD Registration Certificate or Letter of Introduction.
● Step 8: Once you confirm all details of your company have been filled and uploaded, click on submit.
Congratulations you have successfully signed up onto the platform.


For any inquiries or clarifications regarding this programme, please contact Mohammed Suhuyini Zakaria via or 0509492249.

We look forward to receiving your proposal and appreciate your interest in working with Impact Investing Ghana to improve the ESO ecosystem in Ghana.