Ghana Impact Summit 2024 Impact Investing Ghana March 7, 2024


Impact Investing Ghana hosts the Ghana Impact Summit in partnership with the UN In Ghana, Global Steering Group for Impact Investing, and other partners. The summit provides a platform for the Ghanaian ecosystem (suppliers of capital, policy makers, enterprise support organizations, market builders) to make significant progress on local ecosystem-building initiatives that can increase the supply of funds for impact and drive the attainment of the SDGs. 

 The summit will contribute to the long-term impact of;

  1. Catalyzing SME growth to deliver sustainable jobs especially in the key sectors of agriculture & agribusiness, light manufacturing, commerce, ICT and tourism, hospitality, arts & culture.
  2. Reducing inequality especially in health, education, financial services, housing, water & sanitation with a focus on vulnerable populations such as youth, women, rural dwellers, the north of Ghana and people living with disabilities. 
  3. Building climate resilience and ensure rapid low-carbon growth

The Ghana Impact Summit 2024 is slated for the 21st & 22nd May 2024.


  1. Bring the financing ecosystem (suppliers of capital, policymakers, enterprise support organizations, market builders) together to increase the visibility of current initiatives, needs, and opportunities to increase effective partnerships that lead to investment and job creation
  2. Drive learning and celebrate the successes that have come out of the ecosystem including collaboratives, projects, and key developments and impact from IIGh’s work.
  3. Create a baseline of where the ecosystem is at and what the gaps continue to be for follow-up the following year. 




The 3rd Ghana Impact Summit 2024 is a two-day event designed to foster ecosystem collaboration and engagement. With a deep focus on bringing together key stakeholders including government and regulatory bodies, suppliers of capital, enterprise support organizations, and more. 

The summit will provide a forum for stakeholders to collaborate and engage in discussions aimed at increasing the supply of funds for impact, particularly for SME growth, and constructing a vibrant local ecosystem to support this growth.

Expected Outcomes from the 2024 GIS

  1. Increased collaboration and partnership within the financing ecosystem, leading to enhanced visibility of initiatives and opportunities for investment and job creation.
  2. Documented successes in impact investing initiatives, demonstrating tangible results in job creation, economic growth, and community development.
  3. Identification of key gaps in the ecosystem and actionable recommendations for addressing them, with a clear plan for follow-up actions in the next year.
  4. Tangible commitments from stakeholders to contribute to the national agenda, aligning efforts with broader development goals and priorities.
  5. Increased investment flows into SMEs focused on impactful initiatives, resulting in measurable improvements in their resilience and growth trajectories.